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Tuesday, August 14, 2001
6:30 PM

Leslie Middle School
3850 Pringle Rd SE


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Review (5 minutes)

Approval of Last Month's Minutes (5 minutes)

Treasurer's Report (5 minutes)

Comments from the Public (5 minutes)

City of Salem Reports (15 minutes)

Watershed Coordinator's Report (15 minutes)

Creeks and Pipes: Proposed Pringle Creek Enhancements - Steve Downs, Salem Utilities Planning Engineer (20 minutes)

Watershed Council Reports (20 minutes)

a. Land Trusts/Conservation Easements - Peter
b. Salem Futures - Mike Sepull
c. Watershed Assessment Photos - Gregg Dart
d. UPRR/Fairview Photo Documentation - Jason Openo
e. Liberty School Bioswale - Liz
f. Archibald Detention Basin - Liz
g. Early Action Items: Water Rights - Roger Heusser

Action Items: (15 minutes)

a. Fall Work Projects - All
b. "Clean Water for Salmon" Campaign - All

Old and New Business (5 minutes)

Other Watershed Concerns (5 minutes)

This is an open meeting. The public which lives, works, and recreates in the watershed is encouraged to attend.

About Pringle Creek

Council Core Values: 

  • Stewardship of the Pringle Creek watershed as a natural entity in an urban environment; 
  • Sustaining Pringle and Clark Creeks as naturally occurring watercourses;
  • Preserving Pringle and Clark Creeks’ riparian corridors to support native plants and wildlife;
  • Improving water quality; and
  • Promoting public awareness and education on watershed issues. 

The Pringle Creek Watershed Council is a nonprofit association representing watershed residents, businesses, schools, neighborhood associations, government, the scientific community and environmental organizations.

Pringle Creek Watershed Council

Meeting Minutes August 14, 2001


  • Mike Sepull
  • Wendy Kroger
  • Alan Pennington
  • Paula Jourdan
  • Ray Heller
  • Liz Frances
  • Jason Openo
  • Twyla Smith
  • Lisa Hemesath
  • Mark Wieprecht
  • Bill Warncke
  • Elaine Crawley
  • Steve Downs
  • John Taylor
  • Welcome, Introduction & Agenda Review

    Wendy Kroger opened the meeting with introductions of all those present. The minutes for the July meeting were approved.

    Treasurer Report

    No report.

    City of Salem Reports

    • Alan reported that Public works is working with Oregon Watersheds and has approved the concept of putting in woody debris in Pringle Creek near Leslie Middle School .
    • The Cannery Park project received 7 bids for the bioswale, which should be started soon.
    • Water conservation efforts are paying off. The city has stayed under 50 million gallons/day of water usage all summer.
    • New tags for street drains going to Pringle Creek are available. These will be attached to the curb next to the storm drain. Alan is looking for groups who would like to take this on as a project.

    Watershed Coordinator's Report

    Lisa reported that she and Tina are working on the wetlands and riparian chapters for the watershed assessment. Tina will be leaving in September, so they hope to be finished with all the chapters.

    Creeks and Pipes: Proposed Pringle Creek Enhancements- Steve Downs, Salem Utilities Planning Engineer

    • Steve informed the board that the ASR, Aquifer Storage and Recovery , wells at Woodmansee Park have been modified so that when the city does its “startup” some segment goes into the Creek – minimizing the “blowoff”. In the past the discharge caused damage to the bank. Rock has also been added to help stabilize it.
    • In regard to the Skyline Center property and problems with decommissioned wells- There was an interface with water resources and the property owners regarding chemicals in the wells.
    • The Stormwater Master Plan was adopted in December 2000. Steve handed out excerpts from the Capitol Improvement Plan. Funding of construction is from sewer rates. Water revenue bonds will be paying for major projects. As a result of the master plan, normal storm water maintenance has been shifted to payment by bonds so corrections can be speeded up.
    • Implementation of projects will be determined by 1) erosion control problems, 2) streams/ watersheds, 3) SDC's, 4) stream monitoring, and 5) onsite detention programs. They are looking at developing new design standards for detention basins.
    • September 28th if the deadline for new items to the CIP. Get a letter to the city to share your concerns.


    Watershed Council Reports

    Salem Futures- Mike Sepull:

    Some of the topics being considered are : expansion of UGB, more densely populated areas, more natural areas, looking at kind of growth in certain areas, and where development should occur. Next topics to be studied are corridors and major centers.

    Watershed Assessment Photos

    Gregg is looking for photos, maps for the assessment.

    UPRR/Fairview Photo Documentation

    Jason Openo will begin photo documentation along the Railroad and Pringle Creek. It was suggested that Jason use locations for the bioassessment study done by the city.

    Liberty School Bioswale

    Liz reported that there is still water in portions of it, even though this has been a very dry summer.

    Archibald Detention Basin

    Liz reported that we need signage so we can finish the grant. We will plan another visit for the board members and city officials sometime this fall.

    Pringle Creek Urban Growth Boundary

    Wendy reported that Elaine sent a letter to the City of Salem and Salem Hospital regarding increasing the boundary to Bush Park. The city reported that the south boundary of the urban area is the south line of Pringle Creek. The city will investigate to see where the line actually is. Salem Hospital also responded and is willing to work with us on developing this area.

    Action Items

    • Fall work Projects
    • Work with Oregon School for the Blind planting trees and shrubs
    • Clean up at 14th and Oxford streets. This the the RR storage yard. There are blackberries and garbage.
    • Plant Pringle Ponderosa Pine at Brown's Island. The city council voted to preserve the Ponderosa trees that exist there for the Gateway overlay.

    Old Business/New Business

    Wendy sent a letter to the city regarding WET. She will forward a copy to the board.

    The next meeting was set for September 11, 2001 6:30 PM at Leslie Middle School.

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