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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
6:30 PM
to 8:00 PM

Leslie Middle School Room 232
3850 Pringle Rd SE  


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Review

(5 min.)

October 11 Fairview Wetlands Project - Jeanne Fromm

(20 min)
Jane Goodall Environmental Magnet School Project - Mike Weddle (20 min)

Pringle Creek Fish Ladder Project - Alan Pennington

(5 min)
Watershed Council Fund Raiser - All (10 min)
Watershed Coordinator's Report - Bob Roth (20 min)
Old and New Business  
Watershed Concerns  

This is an open meeting. The public which lives, works, and recreates in the watershed is encouraged to attend.

About Pringle Creek

Council Core Values: 

  • Stewardship of the Pringle Creek watershed as a natural entity in an urban environment; 
  • Sustaining Pringle and Clark Creeks as naturally occurring watercourses;
  • Preserving Pringle and Clark Creeks’ riparian corridors to support native plants and wildlife;
  • Improving water quality; and
  • Promoting public awareness and education on watershed issues. 

The Pringle Creek Watershed Council is a nonprofit association representing watershed residents, businesses, schools, neighborhood associations, government, the scientific community and environmental organizations.

Tuesday , August 12, 2003
6:30 PM to 8:00PM
Leslie Middle School
Room 232

Welcome, Introductions and Agenda Review

Fairview Wetlands Project – Jeanne Fromm

October 11 opportunity for community involvement at the Wetland. Plan to clear a trail on top of the berm and lay mulch.

The “working” wetlands have been surveyed and a map of the plant communities made.

The Parks Department is taking the lead on development of the Master Plan to decide the ultimate use/plant community/wildlife habitat will be. Plants need to be chosen that will thrive and also discourage geese use.

Pringle Creek Fish Ladder- Alan Pennington

Coming along. Tour on Thursday, August 14 at 1:30PM. Call Alan if interested.

Watershed Council Fundraiser-

Yard Sale August 23rd at Roger Heuser's home, 4447 Myers Street. Start collecting items on the 18th. Need tables, tarps and people to help.

Watershed Coordinator's Report- Bob Roth

Developing a workshop with Scott Eden (Pudding River Watershed Coordinator) on preventing pesticide application in riparian zones.

Historic Fish Presence, September 24th at 7PM in Loucks. Need staffing of information table and display for the watershed council.

August 11 City Council hearing on the Willamette Greenway was continued to next week.

Meeting to discuss Industrial development in Mill Creek,Wednesday, Aug 13 at 7PM at Morningside United Methodist church.

Watershed Concerns-

Glenn-Gibson Watershed Council (GGWC) is one of the four watershed councils covered by the joint OWEB council support grant. It was part of the 2003-2005 council support grant application. GGWC plans to leave the joint council support grant. GGWC has identified $10,000 plus as its share of the 2003-2005 council support grant and wants to take that money out of the joint council support grant to support itself as a stand-alone council or to join with one of the Polk County watershed councils. At this point, GGWC does not have a budget or work plan in place.


Robin Straughn
Bob Roth
John Savage
Alan Pennington
Victor Dodier
Jeanne Fromm
Roger Heuser
Anne Taylor

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