Archibald Detention Basin

The city requires detention basins in new developments. Detention basins slow the water run-off from roofs, driveways, parking lots and streets. They keep streams from flooding during heavy rains.

Detention basins are often fenced and forgotten.

They can be an asset for adjacent property owners. Pringle Creek Watershed Council teamed up with the Archibalds who own one and the city of Salem to show what can be done.

The city of Salem made a $8,900 grant to pay for soil and plants.
The Archibald's basin was a typical before work started in August 2000.

Top soil was brought in and spread. And, a fabric mat was spread to hold the top soil until the plants are rooted.

Before pics Before pics
Plants were placed around the site following a landscape design developed by Liz Frances. Volunteers started planting them roughly in place.

Work begins to wrap up.

Water flows from other parts of the subdivision through a large pipe into a vault under the grate. When more water comes in than can flow out through a smaller outlet pipe, water backs up into the detention basin though the grate.

After pics from the sping After pics from the spring
After pics from summer 2001 After pics from summer 2001.

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