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Tuesday, March 13, 2001 6:30 PM

Leslie Middle School Media Center 
3850 Pringle Rd SE   


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Review

Approval of Last Month's Minutes

Comments from the Public

City of Salem Reports

Watershed Coordinator's Report

Presentation: Fairview Training Center by Friends of Marion County

Action Items:

  • Annual Work Plan
  • Watershed Assessment - History
  • Spring Projects
  • Heads Up for Summer ... Drought
  • Earth Day at the Oregon Garden

Watershed Council Reports:

  • Watershed Enhancement Team
  • Fund Raising
  • UP Railroad meeting
  • "Grass is Greener ..." Forum

Old and New Business

Watershed Concerns

This is an open meeting. The public which lives, works, and recreates in the watershed is encouraged to attend.

About Pringle Creek

Council Core Values: 

  • Stewardship of the Pringle Creek watershed as a natural entity in an urban environment; 
  • Sustaining Pringle and Clark Creeks as naturally occurring watercourses;
  • Preserving Pringle and Clark Creeks’ riparian corridors to support native plants and wildlife;
  • Improving water quality; and
  • Promoting public awareness and education on watershed issues. 

The Pringle Creek Watershed Council is a nonprofit association representing watershed residents, businesses, schools, neighborhood associations, government, the scientific community and environmental organizations.

Pringle Creek Watershed Council

Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2001

Welcome, Introduction & Agenda Review

Wendy Kroger opened the meeting with introductions of all those present. The February Meeting Minutes were then approved.

Comments from the Public

Al White mentioned that the report of the woody debris project discussed in the February minutes is not “on hold” as reported, but is moving forward. Al requested coming before PCWC in our April meeting to discuss their project.

Jannie Crossler-Laird from Oregon Watershed requested help for a planting project at Leslie Middle School on Saturday, April 14th.

City of Salem Reports

  • Alan Pennington informed the members that the city is looking at the first two stages in voluntary water curtailment for the city this summer.
  • As a result of fecal drainage into the creek the city was fined by DEQ. They may be doing a storm drain marking as part of a SEP project.
  • The City Council approved sponsoring a student for GOALS.
  • Earth Day – April 21st – will be at Oregon Gardens in Silverton. The time is 10AM to 4PM. Alan has an 8x10 table set aside for us to use.
  • There is a free website available for free publicity through the city.

Watershed Coordinator's Report

  • OWEB will meet March 29-30 in Portland to discuss funding for watershed councils. At present $75,000 will be given to Regional watershed for 2 years.
  • April 3rd is Watershed council Day at the State Capitol.
  • April 7th is Pringle Creek Nature Preserve Day. We will do a walk through the area and pick up garbage.
  • May 19th Minto-Brown will be the site for a mulching project of new trees.
  • Peter requested a flowchart showing the interaction of PCWC with other groups.

Presentation: Fairview Training Center by Friends of Marion County

There is 274 acres, 60 buildings with 700,000 sq feet of floor space that is part of the trust fund set up for the constituents of Fairview. The guest speaker said that $7.5 million has been set aside yearly to maintain the facility over the next 5 years. The question under consideration is how best to use the floor space and yet preserve the natural setting in this area. A sheet with the goals for the next 5 years was handed out.

Action Items

  • Annual Work Plan:
  • Watershed Assessment- History: Wendy is going through the Historical Society to get information and looking for photos. She is also looking for people to help interview people to learn more about the history of the Pringle Creek Watershed.
  • Spring Projects: Cannery Park Day –March 24th- Mulching of trees and removal of blackberry and scotch broom. NEED HELP. Other projects listed above.
  • Wendy will prepare a letter addressed to OWEB concerning our need of more money to support a coordinator and office for 2 years.

Watershed Council Reports

  • Watershed Enhancement Team: WET – Elaine Crawley's students are stuffing pledge booklets into bags. The committee will soon be going to the Chamber of commerce with an outreach program to businesses.
  • UP Railroad meeting: At the meeting with UP there were several representatives from the railroad present, other watershed groups, as well as Jeanne Fromm from the City of Salem. Peter will do some photo documentation before and after the spraying scheduled to occur the week of March 19th. At the corner of 14th and Oxford, the RR will do cleanup with a possible united effort with PCWC.
  • “Grass is Greener...” Forum: Forty two people were present, representing several different groups involved with grass maintenance. There was good technical information provided.

The next meeting was set for April 10, 2001 6:30 PM at Leslie Middle School Media Center.

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