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watershed council

Tuesday, November 14, 2000 6:30 PM
The Plaza Room
Salem Public Library   


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Review  (5 minutes)

Approval of Last Month's Minutes (5 minutes)

Comments from the Public (5 minutes)

City of Salem Reports (15 minutes)

Watershed Coordinator's Report (15 minutes)

Appointments/Exec. Committee Election (20 minutes)

Watershed Council Reports (40 minutes)
    a. Erosion Control/Sediment Prevention Program
    b. Willamette Restoration Initiative 
    c. Recent Land Use actions
    d. Or. Dept of Ag Investigation: Pesticides/Union Pacific RR
    e. Fairview Industrial Park Mitigation Monitoring
    f. Onsite Detention Basin Financial Report
    g. Annual Work Plan

Watershed Council Project Updates:  (20 minutes)   
    a. Watershed Enhancement Team 
    b. Pringle Creek Corridor Restoration
    c. Website
    d. Judson Middle School
Old and New Business  (5 minutes)

Watershed Concerns (10 minutes)

About Pringle Creek

Council Core Values: 

  • Stewardship of the Pringle Creek watershed as a natural entity in an urban environment; 
  • Sustaining Pringle and Clark Creeks as naturally occurring watercourses;
  • Preserving Pringle and Clark Creeks’ riparian corridors to support native plants and wildlife;
  • Improving water quality; and
  • Promoting public awareness and education on watershed issues. 

The Pringle Creek Watershed Council is a nonprofit association representing watershed residents, businesses, schools, neighborhood associations, government, the scientific community and environmental organizations.

Pringle Creek Watershed Council
Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2000
The Plaza Room
Salem Public Library


Twyla Smith – South Salem High School Lisa Hemesath-Greater Salem Area WC
Peter Scott- resident/Boise Cascade Victor Dodier – SCAN
Susan Kephart-Willamette University Liz Frances – Sunnyslope NA
Elaine Crawley – Willamette ESD Paula Jourdan _ Sunnyslope NA
Mike Sepull SGNA Wendy Kroger –FWNA
Alan Pennington-City of Salem Gregg Dart
Joseph Murray-SCAN/resident Ron DeWilde-Salem-Keizer Schools
Ed Williams-Union Pacific RR Jeannie Suihkonen-Community
Susan Suihkonen-student Bill Lindburg-Friends of Marion County

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Review
Wendy Kroger opened the meeting. Welcome and introductions followed. Ron DeWilde was introduced to the board as representing Salem-Keizer Schools. Ron is Director of the Physical Plant Facilities for the School District.

Approval of Minutes
Victor moved to adopt the minutes from the October 8th meeting and seconded by Gregg Dart. Discussion followed regarding an email response from Al White in reference to his update given to the council at the October 8th meeting. There was some confusion regarding Al’s statement made to the council. It was suggested a clarification be made and the minutes be held for approval until the next meeting.

City of Salem Report
Alan Pennington attended a meeting of the Environmental Services where he learned that a shopping mall going in at Skyline and Liberty will add an automatic diversion valve for charity car washes. The valve will prevent suds from entering the creek.

He also showed us a red ticket Environmental Services has developed to attach to areas where there could be an erosion problem. The ticket is mainly a warning, but hopefully will cause the offenders to think about damaging the stream in the future.

Alan handed out copies of the Volunteer Monitor Newsletter published twice a year.

Watershed Coordinator’s Report
Lisa needs articles for the Fish Rapper submitted by December 15th. Kettle Foods donated $1000 towards the newsletter, shared by the four Salem watershed councils. It was suggested we write a short profile on our new board members. Tina, the new RARE student doing the watershed assessment, is scanning in old photos from 1936 on to give a historical perspective on the creeks and riparian areas.

This last month Lisa attended the OWEB Watershed Assessment meeting, and the Watershed Council Association in Eugene. The meeting in Eugene was a follow up to the Bend meeting held in September. The watershed councils throughout the state are trying to form an association that would work together for two purposes, one to maintain funding through the Legislature, and two to maintain the small local watershed councils. This body would hire a lobbyist to speak for the councils during the legislative sessions. At this meeting Stephen Kafoury, a lobbyist for other groups, offered to represent the watershed councils. Local groups are considering the need for a lobbyist and finding the funds for such a person. Lisa is looking for the names of other possible lobbyist.

Appointment/Executive Committee Election
• Mike Sepull for Salem Futures
• Inter-Council Assessment Committee – Wendy Kroger, Susan Kephart, and Peter Scott as Technical Advisor
• Steering Committee - Wendy Kroger
• Executive Committee:

President – Wendy Kroger
Secretary – Twyla Smith
Treasurer- Victor Dodier

Victor made a motion to accept the Executive Committee as given and Liz seconded it. It was approved unanimously. Later in the meeting Elaine Crawley agreed to take the Vice President position.

Watershed Council Reports
Erosion Control/Sediment Prevention Program. A draft for the city’s proposed ordinance for Environmental Protection, Erosion Prevention, and Sediment Control Rules was passed around. This ordinance will provide regulation for under five-acre land usage. Wendy will email the draft to all board members so they will have an opportunity to respond to any revisions they think is necessary.

Willamette Restoration Initiative
This group was appointed by the governor to look at the Willamette River and its needs. An in-depth study was done and published. At this time a new group is looking at “What we can do now.” Paul Reser is heading up a new group of scientists, businesses, and industries, including the Army Corp of Engineers. One of the questions they are addressing is How water is being released, and the effects on the banks. There will be a meeting looking at A Willamette Basin Ground Water Study on November 29th at the Water Resources Department.

Land Use Issues- actions that we have been involved with

• Division of State Lands(DSL) –plan to build a house in the middle of Croisan Creek flood plain.
• Parking lot -Liberty St.

Or. Dept of Ag Investigation: Pesticides/Union Pacific RR
Paula investigated the use of pesticides to sterilize the track bed and gravel area next to the railroad track that runs parallel to Pringle Creek . In March there was an acid spill at Mitsubishi plant that went into the Creek. As a result of the spill an investigation was done on the creek and several dead fish were found. ODF&W and DEQ conducted an investigation and took possession of the dead fish. At this time white areas were observed on the gravel areas next to the railroad. These white areas extended into the creek and were caused by over spraying. Union Pacific was fined and the contractor doing the spraying was fined, not only here but also on a job in Eugene and Hermiston, Oregon. The sprays used were OUST, a pre-emergent steriliant, 2-4D – all target weeds. The question was never answered as to the real cause of the fish kill. Was it due to the acid spill at Mitsubishi or the over spraying from the railroad? ODF&W has the fish, but PCWC was told last summer that an autopsy was never preformed. Ed Williams, from the railroad, said we could get a schedule from the weed czar to know when the next spraying would occur.

Fairview Industrial Park Mitigation Monitoring
The park mitigation received a passing grade with 80% of the plant material surviving. Phase 1 and Phase 2 have fulfilled the permit requirements. Paula raised a concern about a row of dead trees on top of the bank. The question is whether these trees are part of the mitigation agreement. She and Wendy will try to answer this question. Phase 3 – the wetland mitigation is not doing as well. The soils in this area drain too quickly. It was suggested that Boston White from the city be contacted to see if this issue is being addressed. Fishman Associates are overseeing the monitoring and making sure it works. Also Terry Carstensen from Adopt a Stream could possibly monitor the plants with his students. Peter Scott volunteered to take pictures of this area.

Onsite Detention Basin Financial Report
Money for the project was received and spent.

Annual Work Plan
Wendy will start a list and then email it to the board members for additions.

Watershed Council Project Updates

A. WET-new update will be discussed next month

B. Pringle Creek Corridor Restoration- tomorrow 9 trees between Mission and Church will come down. We plan to work with them on a restoration project.

C. Website- Hyperlink “http://www.teleport.com/~vjdodier , www.teleport.com/~vjdodier Victor requested material to add to the website. Pictures and information from the Archibald detention basin will be added.

D. Judson Middle School- project will be discussed next month

Old and New Business
Ron DeWilde offered to help find a location for our monthly meetings, as the Plaza Room is too small.
The next meeting – December 12th at 6:30PM in the Plaza Room, Salem Public Library.

Pringle Creek Watershed Council
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