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Pringle Creek
Watershed Council


Tuesday, October 8, 2002
6:00 PM
Pringle Hall
606 Church Street SE
(in Pringle Park, parking at the south end of the Church Street bridge over Pringle Creek)


1. Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Review

2. Facilitated Watershed Council Self-Assessment

3. Poster Project - Bob Roth

4. Work Groups

5. Old and New Business

6. Watershed Concerns

This is an open meeting. The public which lives, works, and recreates in the watershed is encouraged to attend.

About Pringle Creek

Council Core Values: 

  • Stewardship of the Pringle Creek watershed as a natural entity in an urban environment; 
  • Sustaining Pringle and Clark Creeks as naturally occurring watercourses;
  • Preserving Pringle and Clark Creeks’ riparian corridors to support native plants and wildlife;
  • Improving water quality; and
  • Promoting public awareness and education on watershed issues. 

The Pringle Creek Watershed Council is a nonprofit association representing watershed residents, businesses, schools, neighborhood associations, government, the scientific community and environmental organizations.

Planning to attend the October meeting? Take a few minutes to fill out the watershed council member checklists. The material will help the self-assessment process.

Letter from Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board


Member Checklist

Watershed Council Checklist

Pringle Creek Watershed Council

Tuesday, October 8, 2002 6:00 PM

Pringle Hall, 606 Church Street SE

1. Welcome and Agenda Review

2. Facilitated Watershed Council Self-Assessment: Led by Sharon Gray

Group tally from Member Self-evaluation

Comments from group on tally

Group voted to work on the following during the meeting:

  • Watershed Planning and Projects
  • Citizen Involvement and Support
  • Accountability

There was only time during the time allotted for the self-assessment to work on Watershed Planning and Projects. During discussion the following points were brought forward: The need for benchmarks to evaluate success of projects. There is a need for clear goals, and a value-based mission statement. Is there unfinished business? Finally, the following three items were agreed upon by the group for further work:

  1. We need to establish long-range goals based on the results from the Salem-Keizer Watershed Assessment.
  2. We need to identify projects that support the long-range goals.
  3. A monitoring program needs to be in place that will measure the success of projects by established benchmarks.

Anne Taylor has a summary of the Salem-Keizer Watershed Assessment that she will share with the rest of the group.

3. Poster Project- Bob Roth

This project would sponsor a contest to find an image to represent the greater Salem-Keizer watershed area on a poster to be printed and distributed by the combined councils. This would be a project to raise money and awareness. Bob will write for a grant to cover the cost of producing the posters. Bob would like a person from each of the Salem area watershed councils to work on this project. Among other tasks, this group would run and jury the contest, address staffing at the Art Fair, and marketing of the poster.

4. Work Groups

There were too few people and too little time for this item on the agenda.

5. Old and New Business

Bob Roth- The greater SK Watershed councils applied to BPA for a Riparian Restoration grant. BPA refused all applications. Currently there is an EPA grant open. Bob will rework the application to the BPA and resubmit it to the EPA.

6. Agenda for next month

  • Work Groups for 1st hour
  • Goal setting
  • Alan Pennington- Presentation on Wetlands protection or the Tree Ordinance

Respectfully Submitted,

Anne Taylor


  • Larry Nasset
  • Bob Roth
  • Sharon Gray
  • Roger Heusser
  • Bob Lindsey
  • Anne Taylor
  • Victor Dodier
  • Crystal Burgoyne
  • Jackie Main
  • Robin Strong
  • Gregg Dart

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